The Charollais Sheep news

  •  Lamb survival in half Charollais lambs from 13 pure rams equivalent to Poll Dorset x Texel sires in Otago hills at 1000 ft asl.
  •  Superior ease of birth in singles due to wedge shape.
  •  Growth to weaning of first cross progeny up with top Poll Dorsets.
  •  Growth with fleshing post weaning phenomenal.
  • All lines of Charollais X lambs exceeded Viascan thresholds for yield premiums at all drafts.
  •  Heaviest and fastest growing works lambs ever from all matings with hoggets.
  •  All pures and graded up Charollais have had faultless feet.
  •  Very easily handled due to placid nature.
  •  Encouraging comments regarding ease of lambing and early growth from Texel breeders and farmers with Texel cross commercial ewes from 2012 lambing.
  • Ram 302/10 (nearest in photo below) is Charollais NZ's main sire and available for 2013 semen sales.

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