All Charollais Sheep NZ rams:

Are accredited free of Brucella ovis
Are fully recorded on Sheep Improvement Ltd. genetic performance programme
Have been Ultra Sound scanned for Eye Muscle Area and Fat Depth
Have run together on pasture and winter forage since weaning

Semen Sales

Frozen semen from NZ born and imported rams is available from Genetic Gains Ltd.


For information on the availability of Charollais ewes contact Charollais Sheep NZ

Charollais NZ 10/10

Charollais NZ 10/10 a very long bodied ram with excellent progeny growth. He was first used as a ram lamb as he was the only unrelated male to the NZ born ewe lambs imported as embryos. He was entered into the B&LNZ Central Progeny Trial (CPT) as he was well linked to the Charollais Sheep NZ and Douglas Downs flocks as well as having semen sold into other flocks, hence he was the most suitable ram due to his flock connectedness.

Ram 10/10 has achieved prominence in the CPT. He ranks 19th for Meat and Growth Index from 260 rams progeny tested over 11 years across three CPT flocks. This includes; 17th for Growth Value Index, 44th for Meat Value Index, 10th for Weaning Weight eBV and 4th for WormFEC eBV.

Charollais Sheep NZ had a very successful 7th annual sale with the majority of purchases again made by repeat buyers. 

The 8th annual sale will again be held at the Gore A&P Showgrounds on Tuesday 11th December 2018. The rams to be on offer represent the best generation for performance figures and quality yet to be offered, sired by rams ranking at the top end of the breed’s Across Flock Analysis on progeny performance.

It was thrilling to again receive so much positive feedback from ram clients at the Southern Field Days held in February at Waimumu.

Charollais Sheep NZ will be attending the South Island Agricultural Field Days at Kirwee with our display in March 2019. More than half of the Charollais Sheep NZ ewe flock will be mated in 2019 to sires performing in the top 15% of the breed in NZ. The other half to “hot shot” sons who’s very high Estimated Breeding Values will be validated by their progeny performance. We have some exciting new prospective stud sires.

Charollais Sheep NZ provides quality Rams and Semen for sale to commercial sheep farmers looking to introduce the refined Charollais traits to their terminal breeds

Sale Rams include pures and graded-up Charollais from a fully SIL recorded Poll Dorset x Texel base carrying the muscling genes MyoMAX and LoinMAX.

Charollais Sheep NZ sells rams by auction annually, with a smaller number of ram lambs sold privately at Douglas Downs.

BlackfaceCharollais rams are also available with pigmentation from introgressing top genetics from Dorset Downs and Suffolks.